FRVelion’s Bike Maintenance Tips: To Keep Your Two-Wheeler In Top Shape

As we all know that how the personal hygiene is important for us, likely regular bike maintenance is very important or we can say a basic step towards guarantees your two-wheeler will remain in the pink of its health. Much the same as a human body, dismissing the prosperity of your bike will just prompt dull execution, visit breakdowns, and adverse effect your bike’s roadworthiness and your security.

Keeping a bike in good condition isn’t all that difficult. If you follow the basic maintenance schedule, the bike will perform well and it depends on us that how many years we wanted to keep it new. There is no need to mention that if your bike well then it will attract the handsome resale value when you sell it. IN this article we have mentioned few tips for maintaining the bike.


On-Time Replacement of Fluids

Know the inclination when your throat is dry and how your body needs to fall when you’re dehydrated? It’s the equivalent with a bike when it’s running or hasn’t been renewed with indispensable fluids which are fundamental for its smooth activity. Guarantee that all fluids, including the FRVelion motor oil, FRVelion brake oil, FRVelion coolant, and so on are supplanted are on time.

It is alright to be additional cautious and supplant them somewhat before the suggested interval. Though, delaying the replacement schedule will lead to expanded dull performance, low efficiency, wear-n-tear, and in case you’re extremely apathetic, a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

While topping up, ensure you use manufacturer suggested, top-notch engine oil/ fluids. If you choose to change to an alternate brand, other than what has been determined in the manual, ensure you adhere to the suggested evaluation, viscosity, and temperature parameters indicated for your bike’s engine. Keep the chain clean utilizing a de-greasing item and lubricate it at suggested intervals. Utilize a chain lubricant in particular and don’t pour any irregular oil or grease to get the job done.

Regular Services

You have to follow your bike’s manual to the ‘T’ with regards to visiting the service station for a periodic maintenance stop. Converse with your service advisor and tell him about any known issues the bike’s been confronting. When the job has been done, take the bike for a spin to determine if every single reported issue has been settled and each job referenced in the final bill has been finished. If any significant part has been replaced, request the damaged component to be returned to you. If possible, conceivable, demand for the replacement to be completed in your presence and guarantee parts replaced are genuine.


Signs of Aging

When your bike begins to get old, you should invest significant time all the more frequently for the regular visual inspection. Check for any cracks in the cables or if any of the bulbs have been flickering or sparkling at half their capacity. Notice for any changes in the bike’s performance or any odd clamors from the engine when you ride. In any case, if there’s any such thing occurring, visit the service station quickly and get the bike checked as it could be an exhausting clutch or bearing or something surprisingly worse. Check the tires for their track and overall health. Check the wheels for any curves or splits and get them checked for arrangement and balance at regular intervals.

When the battery begins getting more older, it loses its charge rather rapidly and will give up on you eventually. Get it supplanted with another unit whenever required. If in any case any of the control switches or levers look or feel fragile, supplant them. Same goes for the footpegs if they’ve gotten loose, have become excessively scruffy, and don’t lend much confidence when you rest your feet on them. You have to check the side stand for its tightness and guarantee it hasn’t changed its angle to a lot throughout the years, making the bike tipping perilously while it rests on it.

The fuel filler cap can become ill-fitting or its important mechanism could turn sour with time, permitting fuel to evaporate gradually or water to enter when it rains. Supplant it with another one or fix the current unit if conceivable, since the start key and the filler cap key are generally normal. Try not to disregard the mirrors and guarantee they hold their adjustability at all times. Fix the stem if it’s loose or supplants the whole unit if the glass lodging hangs free.


Riding Style

An enormous part of bike maintenance likewise includes your utilization pattern. Ride the bike as per its character and abilities. For example, riding a high-torque bike continually close to its redline is pointless if the engine generates its peak power at a much lower point. So also, on the off chance that you routinely maximize a small capacity single for extended durations, its parts will destroy quicker because of overheating. Frequent cycles of sudden braking, violent gearshifts, and rough gearshifts will bring about expanded wear-and-tear of all major parts. Abandons saying that pulling off wheelies, burnouts, and stoppies isn’t just perilous for your own and others’ wellbeing, it likewise negatively affects the parts of your bicycle.


Regular Checks

These are easily overlooked details that go far in guaranteeing that your bike remains in a solid-state consistently. Guarantee that the bike is cleaned and you play out a self-check after each long excursion. At the point when you park it, do as such in a place where there’s a decent measure of shade. Uncovering your bike to coordinate daylight will ransack the paint of its sheen and cause the plastics and rubber segments to solidify and create breaks. Check and maintain tire pressure frequently. Try not to run the bike in a nearly vacant state frequently. On the off chance that it comes equipped with a FI system, the fuel pump’s life gets diminished radically.



Above FRVelion has given good tips for maintaining the bike so that it remains new for a long time. FRVelion has the best quality of Motorcycle oils that keep your bike’s engine at the best working state. FRVelion Motorcycle Engine Oil usages innovative technology to offer you the added guarantee of leading motorcycle Engine protection. FRVelion Motorcycle Engine Oil systematically tested in the field, they are verified quality for those seeking protection and performance on two wheels. FRVelion Motorcycle Engine Oil divided into two types one is SYNTHETIC BIKE ENGINE OIL and MINERAL BIKE ENGINE OIL.