5 Tips to keep your bike maintenance well


Who doesn’t want his/her bike in a good condition? It is a general tendency not to look after or take care of your bikes after a few months/years of purchase. To keep your bike in good condition, some activities should be done on a regular basis. So, here are the 5 tips to keep your bike well maintained at home.

  1. Engine oil:

The engine is the heart of the bike, and engine oils play the most crucial role in maintaining good health of bikes. Engine oil should have proper lubrication if oil loses its lubrication or if the quantity is not enough as instructed by the manufacturer than the engine could seize down which can cost a lot of bucks for repairs. So, make sure to check the engine oil regularly after 4000 to 5000kms or once every month. If engine oil is not good enough then change it immediately. You can check our range of Motorcycle Engine Oil here.

  1. Clean air filter:

Bike combustion needs both fuel and air intake, both should be in the ideal quantity. If air and fuel intake is disturbed then your bike will give low mileage and performance. While servicing your bike, check, and clean air filter properly. If the air filter is not in the condition of getting cleaned then change it immediately.

  1. Clutch adjustment:

Clutch is employed to vary the gears at regular intervals during the ride and is extremely often used. The clutch should be adjusted correctly and will have the proper amount of free play. Don’t tighten your clutch at an excessive amount – an over-tightened clutch would cause it to slip without your notice and also leads to a rise in fuel consumption. So, make sure you’ve got the proper clutch adjustments in place.

  1. Engine:

As the engine is the heart of a bike, it consists of some more parts which are associated with the engine like spark plugs, carburetor, and oil filters, etc.

Check your bike’s spark plug regularly after 1000 to 1500kms. If the spark plug is shot then your bike will not start or if the distance of the ignitor portion is not appropriate then you will get low performance and mileage too. Clean the spark plug regularly, In case of a two-stroke motorbike check at 750 kms is preferred and in case of a four-stroke motorbike check the spark plug at 1500 kms.

And if the carburetor is not cleaned then the bike will start missing its combustion and start giving bad performance and slow acceleration.

The choke is required to be used to work on cold starts by most of the modern bikes these days. The emission norms and the fuel efficiency requirement will be met with the help of choke.

  1. Transmission system:

Your motorcycle’s chain needs lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment on a regular basis. Use paraffin to wash the chain. Use a piece of cloth and a soft brush  to get rid of the dirt which has gotten stuck within the chain. Never use water for cleaning the chains, as results in rust the chain links. When the dirt stuck in the chain will get cleaned completely, with the help of a brush and thinner, clean the chain with a clean piece of dry cloth.

You can use the used engine oil to lubricate the chain links and the chain sprockets. Also, check if your motorcycle’s chain features a free play of around 2 to 4 mm generally by testing it by moving the chain up and down in a vertical direction with the help of your fingers. Remember that your bike’s chain should have the right tension and free play of the rear wheel. Any variation within the tension of the chain wouldn’t power the rear wheel smoothly when the bike is in motion. In the case, if your bike’s chain is loose, the power delivery from the engine to the wheel would not be optimal, thus results in the loss of power due to slippage. Taking the bike to a trusted bike mechanic or service center and getting the chain adjusted to the manufacturer’s specifications is the best thing to do.

Never attempt to over-rev your RPM going at high-speeds continuously, as that could damage the bike’s engine. Never attempt to shift your bike from top gear to lowest gear very instantaneously; this could potentially damage the piston rings of your bike.