Frvelion Offers oils,  grease, and lubricants, at affordable price


FRVelion is a France based company and the company has started its operations in India in 2019. FRVelion’s well-recognized organization engaged in offering a quality range of industrial oils, grease, and lubricants. FRVelion always provides you the quality of the product. we have our laboratories where we check our product quality and then sent it to the market. That’s is the reason FRVelion always remain confident about their products.

FRVelion is India’s rising company industries and we have an extensive range of products and this includes Car engine oil, bike engine oil, lubricants, greases, and many more. FRVelion has been able to reach an extensive client base athwart the country by giving the best quality products handled as per international quality standards.

FRVelion all services and products are knowledgeably interlaced into the customized solution that will optimally work in plants, deliver uptime goals, and meet budget requirements. In a FRVelion, we benefit you to guarantee the health of your manufacturing equipment, reduce erratic downtime, and spread the productive life of machinery.

FRVelion Expertise

FRVelion expertise lies in giving the best quality products and services that generate sustainable value for customers. The complete range of products and support relating to industrial lubrication is provided.  Our skilled chemists, engineers, and lab technicians work untiringly with clients and industry bests on product development, predictive maintenance, and used oil analysis. Our dedication, flexibility to ongoing education, and response time set us apart from the competition. ​

We offer the most inexpensive manufacturing prices and uncompromised service and quality. We uninterruptedly develop a knowledge base for our clients to support them understand the latest technology trends in the industry. we offer continuing client support and build strong business relationships to grow our business together with our customers. FRVelion’s vision is to be a true partner to our clients and dealers alike.

FRVelion has submitted aptitude and time to help bolster the spearheading dependability quality in the business. Due to our critical capacity, we have made do with our center gauges of value and standards of value and commitment since establishment. FRVelion firmly acknowledges that our specialized mastery is all a direct result of our capacity to adjust the remarkable practices what’s more, in light of our geniuses and their transcendent systems to assist our customers with achieving their motivations.

FRVelion Affordable Pricing

We take care of our client’s needs and budget. We offer them pricing which can fit in their pocket without compromising with the quality of products. For customizable solutions, our expert’s employees first know about the client’s machinery and then they prepare a solution that can support their machinery.

We emphatically acknowledge that our specialized aptitude is all a result of our capacity to adjust the uncommon practices furthermore, given our brains and their transcendent techniques to assist our customers with achieving their motivations.

Benefits of being a FRVelion distributor:

  • Periodic incentives on achieving pre-set targets
  • Helping out with promotional guidance for products
  • The assistance of our administration team in case of any query


Key FRVelion Target Audience:

  • Plastic Manufacturers
  • Metal Working Companies
  • Auto and Auto Component Manufacturers
  • Construction Companies
  • Textile Companies
  • Cement Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Paper and Pulp Manufacturers
  • Power Generation Companies
  • Steel Manufacturers
  • Food & Beverage Companies


Above we have discussed FRVelion products. FRVelion provides products like Car engine oil, bike engine oil, lubricants, greases, and many more at affordable pricing. We take care of our client’s needs and we never ask extra costs from our clients. FRVelion is a France based company but they wanted to extend their business so they choose India. FRVelion well knows the company in France. They have the premium quality of products which makes them different from others.