Most of us in our daily communication we say like it is very easy to buy a vehicle like a car, bike, scooter, etc. but it becomes very difficult to maintain them and keep their engine always young. Any individual who has good knowledge about the fitness of an engine or an individual who loves their vehicle understands the importance of their maintenance. As we have so many times heard from our surrounding that for keeping the vehicle fit and fine it is very much important to maintain them.

As we are talking about the maintenance of vehicle many people underestimate the components that are very much essential for maintaining the vehicle engine that is engine oil. It is said that the engine is the main part of the vehicle which gives life to the vehicle. if an individual lacks in maintaining their engine then gradually they will be found that there is a lack in the performance of the vehicle. So, it very much important to have a good knowledge of the engine oils. The engine oils are called with the different kinds of names like a lubricant, motor oil, and lube oil.

History of Engine Oil

The very first time the engine oil was founded by the American John Ellis that is on the 6th of September 1866. He was the first person who founded a significate property of the crude oil that its lubricating properties. He became successful when he first tried engine oil in the steam engine. In his experiment, he discovers the oil from the crude oil which effectively lubricates it at very high temperatures.

Main Purpose of Engine Oil

As per FRVelion, the engine of any vehicle is a very complicated and crucial component. For manufacturing, any engine very deep research has been done and after that, a vehicle engine gets developed. For a kind of engine the engine oil work as the blood that means engine oil plays a vital role maintain the performance of the engine. FRVelion engine oil experts suggest that everyone should pay attention while purchasing the engine oil, we suggest you that always use the best engine oil for your vehicle so that your vehicle performs properly for a long time. FRVelion engine oil experts have suggested some advantages of Engine oil:

some advantages of Engine oil

  1. Engine Oil helps to reduce the combustion by-produce
  2. Engine Oil Lubricates the machine moving parts
  3. Engine Oil disintegrates heat away from the combustion chamber
  4. Engine Oil used to maximize the oxidation inside the engine

FRVelion engine oil expert’s suggestion for buying engine Oil

As we already discussed that before launching an engine oil in the market, they need to went through the different kinds of engineering tests. After testing this engine oils get the rating and this rating is provided by the SAE international. So, the user needs to buy the best-rated engine oil. FRVelion engine oil gets the best rating and these engines are suitable for the car engine, bike engine, truck engine, and many more vehicle engines. The SAE full-form is the Society of Automotive Engineers. It is an international organization that decides the rating and rule and regulation for the automotive parts. In the same way, the engine oils having the various ratings this rating depends on the running temperature, density, viscosity, and many different physical attributes.

Running Temperature: It is a maximum temperature at which the engine oil works efficiently.

Density: It is nothing but a measurement of compares the volume of the object.

Viscosity: Viscosity is the state of sticky, semi-fluid inconsistency and thick due to the internal friction.

Types of Engine Oils

The engine Oils divided into three categories and this because different kinds of automobiles engines require different kinds of engine oils. They are like:

  1. Synthetic Blend Engine Oil
  2. Mineral Engine Oil
  3. Fully Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

About FRVelion Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

  • This is the middle ground for the engine oil and it called semisynthetically.
  • FRVelion Synthetic Blend Engine Oil has so many advantages over the mineral oils and it includes both mineral oil and synthetic oil.
  • It has been discovering by FRVelion engine oil experts that it is very good in protecting the engine from wear.
  • It also gives better protection during the cold starts.
Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

FRVelion Mineral Engine Oil

  • The mineral oils are the oldest among the three. This mineral oil was firstly used in 1908 in the Ford Model T’s engine.
  • Mineral oils provide basic friction protection to the engine. Many of the new vehicles come out with mineral engine oil from the factory.
  • Mineral engine oils are cheaper than the engine oils.
  • Mineral engine oils are not good for running at high temperatures.
Frvelion Mineral Engine Oil

FRVelion Fully Synthetic Oil

  • Fully synthetic engine oil is the latest engine oil technology.
  • It provides the best fuel economy, refinement, and power.
  • It is used to protect the engine from running wear and also controls the combustion by-products of the engine.
  • The fully synthetic engine helps the motor engine in effortless cold starts & running in the high temperature.
Frvelion Fully Synthetic Oil


After reading the above article it will make confuse regarding which engine oil will be good for your vehicle. But you no need to take tension FRVelion have a great expert team who will give the best and suitable engine oil for your vehicles.