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FRVelion Oils

FRVelion is a France based company and has started operations in India in 2019. We are an innovative and value-driven company in the business of Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, and Electronic Batteries. With a presence in PAN India, we have successfully entered the Oils & Lubricants market in Nepal and aim to enter Bangladesh & Bhutan in 2020. As we know that there are lots of competition out there and to the level, we all have overlapping product selections. We hope our fair and straightforward client method distinguishes us from the speaks and pack to how serious we are about putting our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority. As a reputed business, we are dedicated to providing the technologically advanced lubricants and Batteries that are suitable for diverse industries and applications.


We have technical experience in the lubricant field from the past 50 years and are doing B2B business with other lubricant suppliers for many decades. We have the knowledge base, mastery, and history to formulate and offer effective market specific products. We carefully keep up and guarantee a quality approach in manufacturing our products and in the provision of services. FRVelion’s products are created utilizing cutting edge technologies and are completely analyzed for ideal execution.

We have been able to introduce in India an engine oil with Group II+ base oils and world-class additives.

Why Choose FRVelion Oils

We have committed expertise and time to help support the pioneering reliability quality in the industry. Because of our significant ability, we have managed with our core standards of quality and principles of quality and dedication since foundation. We strongly accept that our technical expertise is all because of our ability to adapt the extraordinary practices and besides, because of our masterminds and their preeminent methodologies to help our clients to achieve their purposes.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is one of the most basic and demanding parameters of every organization and subsequently, we follow quality control management in the whole business activity. We ensure that our strict in-house quality monitoring facilities to make it feasible for us to achieve the most standards guidelines of value. To offer premium quality Greases, Lubricant, Industrial Greases, Automotive Greases, and others, we have built up a full-fledged, well-prepared lab that is capable of guaranteeing quality consistency of products. We utilize the best chemicals raw materials in the entirety of our manufacturing activities that are capable of offering flawless products.

Our Mission

To provide quality products at a reasonable price that reflects genuine incentive with the unparalleled help benefits by highly trained and all- motivated inspired workforce meeting client expectations and requirements. To achieve worldwide standards in all aspects of lubricants and greases with a focus on client delight through the value of its products and services and responsible environmental performance.

Our Vision

To be the well-known Indian Lubricant Manufacturing Company and we valued for its quality products, best services and reliable performance with the perspective of global excellence. our Mission and Vision statement comprises of the following values. To be apparent as the environmentally sensible, customer-centric, and an ethical producer of quality lubricants and greases.


Hemant Bhatt

Asia-Pacific - Sales Head

Hemant Bhatt the name that holds precious experience in the sales and marketing under him, FRVelion Oils Products have been marching strong towards success since it started in (year). Leading the company with patience and perseverance, he is the man of quality who has been delivering nothing but the best to their customers.

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