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Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

FRVelion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil different viscosity grades and additive formulation that makes then different from other products in the market. FRVelion keeps on reformulating and improve our product according to new technologies and innovations.

FRVelion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is the quality and high-performance oil that provides the latest wear protection for the modern engine. Our liquid engineering team guarantees the protective film which will avoid oil from breaking down within lower viscosity, decrease friction by 15% and the less metal to metal contact by the 45% given any driving speed. Another feature of our FRVelion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is that it can reduce deposits that donate to its optimum engine response and it works best on the supercharged or high performing engines and articulated diesel cars and light vans.

FRVelion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil has been tested and proven to deliver the outstanding strength and guarantees the quality wear protection of all engine components. Our synthetic diesel oil prevents metal-to-metal contact and it also can provide superior cleaning.

Benefits of FRVelion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

  • FRVelion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil provides outstanding protection from the common engine problems including deposits, wear, and oil oxidation.
  • FRVelion Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is the Compatible with many high-performing modern engines including EGR and DPF.
  • It also will not cause any engine leak which is a common issue with other synthetic Diesel Engine oil.
Synthetic Engine Oil

Premium Mineral 15W40 is an everyday engine oil formulated with mineral base oils and high performance additives which provide optimum performance and protection to most latest model engines.

  • Maintains viscosity at high temperature
  • Anti-wear protection to extend life of the engine
  • Enhanced detergency to clean and prevent sludge formation