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Automotive Greases

FRVelion has grown expertise in supplying and manufacturing the quality appropriate Automotive Greases. It providing the best range of automotive greases, customize ap3 grease, customizes lithium-based grease, customizes industrial grease and customizes automotive greases, with effective & timely delivery. FRVelion Automotive Greases are designed to preserve and lubricate the intense pressures and temperatures exerted by all high performance. Our Automotive Greases protect against corrosion, reduce friction and good rust protection. It also sustains a high temperature up to 200??C. FRVelion’s automotive range has demonstrated to be reliable performance accompaniments for the diverse and critical requirements of the automotive industry.

FRVelion Automotive Greases contains special additives that ensure optimum protection against wear, oxidation, and rust resulting in the long life of all the mechanisms in all the applications.

Benefits Of FRVelion Automotive Greases

  • FRVelion Automotive Greases have demonstrated technical and scientific properties to help solve the most issues in the automotive industry.
  • For automotive manufacturers, FRVelion Automotive Greases provides the opportunity to offer extended warranties and enjoy enhanced productivity through reducing the component failure.
  • FRVelion Automotive Greases are exceptionally reliable, safe, and offer environmental profits and longer lubricant life.

Automotive Greases Products


Grease 30-K Bearing grease is a transparent lithium soap grease, produced from selected base materials and advanced additives. It provides proper lubrication to normally loaded roller and plain bearings at normal to high speeds. Also under damp and dusty operating conditions.

  • higher protection to bearings
  • 40000 KMS protection