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High-Temperature Greases

FRVelion High-Temperature Greases are generally used for lubricating the ejector of plastic injection machines, machine parts or in tire production which are exposed to very high temperatures. Our High-Temperature Greases permit the lubricant film to be well-preserved and give the deceptive viscosity needed for the correct operation of your equipment, especially when it is subject to heavy loads generating heat. FRVelion’s R&D laboratories have very modern additive technologies and formulate greases, from synthetic or mineral oils, for both very high viscosities (>1500 cSt) and very low viscosities (<20 cSt).

FRVelion High-Temperature Greases, on the other hand, has, even more, higher temperature range and is extremely important for the lubrication of plain and rolling bearings of every industrial sector, such as drying ovens, paint shops, packaging, and food industry, calendrer, and flue gas valves in power plants. FRVelion High-Temperature Greases show extraordinary lubricity under all extreme conditions. It also assurances performance over a long lifetime and protection of the mechanisms. It also formulated to give maximum extend and protection equipment life so you can advance the productivity, reduce costs and more.

Benefits Of FRVelion High-Temperature Greases

  • FRVelion High-Temperature Greases are thickener infusible or with the high dropping point.
  • FRVelion High Temperature Greases used in high-temperature modern applications, car bearings material centers, and other mechanical ge
  • Our High-Temperature Greases are grease extensively used in all automotive and industrial sectors worldwide.

High-Temperature Greases Products

Synthetic Engine Oil

Grease TITANIUM-222-K Bearing grease is a transparent lithium complex soap grease, produced from selected base materials and advanced additives. It provides proper lubrication to normally loaded roller and plain bearings at normal to high speeds. Also under damp and dusty operating conditions.

  • higher protection to bearings
  • 100000 KMS protectionContent Needed
  • 320 degree drop point.
  • Gel based greases with high lithium complex thickener