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Motorcycle Engine Oil

We Provide You Advance Technology To Improve your Ride Experience

FRVelion Motorcycle Engine Oil uses advanced technology to provide you the added assurance of leading motorcycle Engine protection. FRVelion motorcycle oils are developed mainly for the engine cleanliness and smooth gear changes to bring optimum efficiency and highest performance. Systematically tested in the field, motorcycle oils are verified quality for those seeking protection and performance on two wheels. With the help of innovative production technology, it provides maximum ease for the cold start of engine and high operational performance.

As we know that when the bike is in the topmost condition it offers high reliability and greater control, providing you an enjoyable ride at all times. FRVelion has premeditated the range of engine oils for various types of riding styles and bikes with the product portfolio containing synthetic and mineral 4T, 2T scooter and motorcycle engine oils.

Outride Anything With The FRVelion!

A road can be an unpredictable place and you have to be protected against every encounter that comes in your way. FRVelion motorcycle oil is framed to provide your bike’s engine complete protection, providing you the courage to outride anything.

Benefits Of Using FRVelion Motorcycle Engine Oil

Riding on the hot days can be a type of challenge. With FRVelion bike engine oil, you can be assured that you can outride the heat because FRVelion has been formulated to perform better at high degree temperatures than the leading competitor. When oil lowers, it can produce friction that decreases engine efficiency and leads to power loss. FRVelion Ultra does not degrade between the oil changes, so bikes can perform at its best.

Motorcycle Engine Oil Product Categories


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Mineral Bike Engine Oil